Wind Doesn’t Deter At WW Egg Hunt (video)

A windy success at Winning Wheels.
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Josh Eyrich, AP Staff

Hundreds of colored eggs dotted the hillside next to Winning Wheels as they held their annual Easter Egg hunt last Thursday. It felt right again. Long gone was the pandemic adjusted “in car hunt” of the last couple of years. The sun was out. The birds were singing. The staff was smiling. The residents were smiling. The wind was blowing. The wind was really blowing. Most hunters could be found pre-game taking photos with the Easter Bunny or forgoing warm-up stretches to mentally picture themselves grabbing all the eggs.

Around four o’clock administrator Dan Howard gave the signal, knowingly unleashing multiple mad-dashing swarms, otherwise known as “age-grouped Easter Egg hunters”. They descended upon the hill like a fog. Only much, much louder. Everyone of them awash in excitement, brimming with energy and fueled by the hope of finding the next egg. It was fun. It was welcomed. It felt right.

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