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Whiteside County Jail Administrator Retires

Whiteside County Sheriff John Booker (l) presents Tim Erickson with a service plaque in honor of his retirement.

Last Friday was a big day for Tim Erickson of Prophetstown as he received congratulations from Whiteside County Sheriff John Booker on his retirement from the Whiteside County Sheriff’s Department.

Erickson worked in the department’s jail for twenty-four and a half years retiring with the rank of Lieutenant and serving as Jail Administrator.

A 1984 graduate of Prophetstown High School, he served in the military before returning to the area and beginning his work at the Sheriff’s department.

An unexpected bonus for the fifty-four-year-old came when a new hire at the department named Amber eventually became his wife. “I have a lot of good memories and worked for three sheriffs,” said Erickson.

In talking about his job and interacting with inmates he said, ”There are a lot of bad people in jail but there are also a lot of good people in jail too, who have just made a bad mistake.”

The father of four is not completely cutting ties with the department as he will begin working part-time at the county courthouse as a bailiff in December.

Over the years he has spoken at the Whiteside Area Career Center to students about his job and conducted tours of the facility in Morrison.

Erickson said he has received a lot of cards and well wishes from people in the area and is looking forward to the next chapter in his life.     


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