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Water Battle Continues in Tampico

A sign left at the dumpster filled with flood damaged items in Tampico, tries to look on the bright side.

A high water table continues to cause problems for residents in Tampico as an update puts the number of homes reporting problems at 81. That is up from 71 eight days ago.

The water table continues to inundate the village’s sewer system, which is causing backups in many basements. Some homes are experiencing complete sewer backups.

Mayor Kris Hill say as she has been in contact with a hydrology engineer who has suggested that one way of lowering the water table is to have farmers begin running their irrigation systems. Obviously, with the water saturated fields, that option could be a long way off. 

The village continues to provide a large dumpster in front of the Reagan Community Center for residents to dispose of water damaged items. The dumpster is being filled for the third time. The Red Cross has supplied more cleanup kits, which is currently the extent of help that can be offered as virtually no residents are insured for flood damage.

Residents are reminded to conserve water to reduce pressure on the system and contact village hall if they have incurred damage, but have not reported it.


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