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Two Positive Cases Confirmed As Schools Prepare For Return Of 4-Day Students

PLT#3 6-12 Campus students head into their building on the first day of classes in August.

PLT#3 School District Superintendent Dr. John Petzke got the type of news on Friday that could not come at a worse time; two confirmed cases of Covid-19 at the 6-12 Campus. The news comes just as the district is preparing to see a large increase in the number of students in their buildings. The two cases are the first confirmed in the district since classes began in August.

Three weeks ago Petzke presented a plan to the school board to allow students the option to return to their classrooms four days per week.

During the first quarter of the school year students had three options including full remote learning, A/B Hybrid (two days /week in classrooms), or five days in classrooms.

Petzke had said that after the initial plan was implemented he would monitor how well the plan was working and adjust accordingly. After receiving feedback from staff, students, and parents towards the end of the first quarter a new options were introduced.

Students will still have three choices: Full Remote, A/B Hybrid, or Four Days In Classrooms. No students will be in the buildings on Wednesdays, which will allow for teachers to focus on remote learners and additional cleaning to be done.

After parents and students made their selections for the second quarter the final numbers by percentages were:

Elementary Schools (Prek-5): 80% 4-day, 10% A/B hybrid, 10% Full Remote

Middle School: 60% 4-Day, 17% A/B Hybrid, 23% Full Remote

High School: 42% 4-Day, 23% A/B Hybrid, 35% Full Remote

Additional points include:

  • Attendance choices will be “locked in” through the end of the 2nd Quarter.
  • If the district health metric is exceeded, the district will implement a “purposeful pause,” with all students 100% Remote at home for at least 14 days.
  • Dismissal times do not change.

With the county at an all-time high in confirmed Covid cases Petzke said, “We’re monitoring the state, the region, and the county numbers. I’m also keeping track of the the numbers in the local zip codes.”

The school board is scheduled to have their regular monthly meeting on Monday and will no doubt discuss attendance plans moving forward. “On Monday we’ll have a conversation not about if and when it (virus spread) happens, but how are we prepared to respond.” He added that with input from the district’s leadership team and board members the district will have to make a decision to stay open or to close based on the number of students and staff affected.

The board meeting will begin at 6:30PM at the district office.


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