Home Photo Gallery The Great Boat Float (video/photos)

The Great Boat Float (video/photos)

Science students prepare to launch their cardboard creations.

Photos courtesy Heather Bruns

PLT 6-12 campus science teacher Heather Bruns and special education teacher Cindy Slock recently teamed up to get their science students excited about the new school year. The teachers assigned an activity to design and build a boat out of cardboard, which would be able to transport one person the length of the Prophetstown Recreation Center Pool.

Bruns said there was not a lot of time given for the construction as the point was simply to get the kids excited and introducing them to the field of engineering design.

The classes were made up of freshmen and sophomores who were divided into teams and simply told to, “do their best.”

The event was a hit with many of the students getting a free swim in the Park District Pool. One team did manage to make it within two feet of the far end before meeting with a watery demise. Bruns said the students would discuss their successes and failures in upcoming classes.


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