“Thank You !” PLT Ed Foundation (photos)

A welder donated by the PLT Ed Foundation gets put through its paces in the 6-12 Campus Ag Department.
A little known organization outside of the PLT#3 Staff that provides amazing benefits to students.
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“I have just been so impressed with how open they are to supporting the school in different ways.” That is how PLT 6-12 Campus Principal, Janet Barnhart describes the PLT Education Foundation. “They are just such a good group of people. They’re always looking for ways to help and we are excited about the things that have been proposed by them. They seem very carrying, genuine, and supportive.”

“The Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico Education Foundation was formed in 1990. The original board members established as their mission to accept donations and to distribute funds to projects that would enrich the educational experience of students in the unit district. Since the Foundation’s inception, it has awarded more than $1,000,000,” said Foundation board member Libby Glazier-Timmons.

The 6-12 campus PE Department will receive 5 new Airdyne Bikes over the summer.

At their April meeting the foundation approved purchasing equipment to outfit a cardio room at the Campus at a cost of approximately $42,000. The purchase will include treadmills, rowing machines elliptical’s and spin bikes.

The idea for the cardio room came from the PE department but they were unable to find a funding source and it was suggested they approach the foundation. Teacher, Mike Chance, did most of the research and came up with a list of equipment that would best meet the needs of the department. Physical education teacher, Damien DeMay, said he had heard several requests from students over the years to increase the number of treadmills(2) that were available.

The room will be located on the west end of the new gym in a space currently used as a classroom/meeting area. The equipment for the room, 3 treadmills, 3 ellipticals, 6 upright bikes, 5 Airdyne Bikes, and 3 rowers, is expected to be delivered over the summer and the room will be made available to the PE department, athletic teams and staff.

A new welder gets its initial use in the 6-12 Campus Ag Department.

Earlier in the year the Foundation approved the purchase of seven new welding machines for the ag department at a cost of approximately $16,000. The new welders will fill out the eight ventilated work stations for welding and other metal work. They will work in conjunction with a new ventilation system that was recently installed.

The new multi-process welders do multiple types of work including Stick, TIG, and MIG. The “smart welders” are designed to guide students through learning the various settings needed for projects depending on the type of welding and material involved.

Department teacher, Sara Mosher hopes the welders can be used during the final few weeks of the school year.

Campus art teacher, Dawn Huffstutler’s department has also been recipient of the Foundation’s generosity as it received a Glowforge machine earlier in the school year. The Glowforge Pro can cut/etch on material up to 20 inches wide using lasers to etch into multiple types of material including wood, slate, and glass tile. The machine arrived around the end of 2021 and students and staff are still in the process of learning the various tasks the machine can complete. The result are stunning.

One of the creations made with 6-12 Campus Art Department’s new Glowforge machine.

In addition to large gifts the Foundation provides several mini-grants to district teachers throughout the school year. other donations have included: Computers, Smartboards, Calculators, Science Labs, SAT Costs and Prep Courses, Promethean Boards, and Panther Pantry.

The foundation meets quarterly and has a board of directors made up of six volunteer members. “Every child in the Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico School District is benefiting from the Education Foundation. The types of projects that have been funded have included the art and music programs, family and consumer science programs, scholarships, technology, field trips, mini-grants for teachers, and a teacher mentoring program.,” added Timmons. 

Current Foundation board members are: Carey Bauer, Kris Burke-Bielema, Libby Glazier-Timmons, Deb Fringer, LaMonica Henrekin, and Tom Wold.

Funding for the Foundation comes from donations primarily from community members, alumnae, area businesses, bequests, and memorial gifts. A tax-deductible contribution may be given by contacting Carey Bauer at 815.537.5731 or the Farmers National Bank at 815.537.2348. Timmons summed by the organization saying, “A gift to the Education Foundation is a gift to our whole community, and especially to our children.”

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  1. With none of my children in school since 1989, I am out of the loop and greatly appreciate this article and the ED Foundation. Such great progress in helping the education of area children.

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