Tampico To Increase Water Restoration Fee

The Board was given an update on this summer's Tampico Days celebration.
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The Tampico Village Board gave its blessing to changes to a pair of ordinances that relate to delinquent water payments and speed limits. Both changes will be sent to the village’s legal counsel to finalize them for board approval in June.

The proposed change relating to water bills will include increasing the fee for reconnection once water is turned off due to billing delinquency from $20-$50. The measure was created to “hopefully reduce the number of delinquency notices that are sent,” said Mayor Bruce Peltier.

The other their ordinance will formally adopt a 25 mile an hour speed limit village wide unless otherwise posted. This was brought about by a recent confusion regarding the speed limit on Kimball Street.

Council Action

Approved building permits for fences at 200 South Grove St. and 108 South Washington St.

The board approved the resignation of Art Spencer as Village’s Zoning Board Administrator.

Approved the closure of Highway 172 (Main Street) for Tampico Festival days from July 20- 23.

Approved the cancellation of the Board’s June 6 meeting and approved holding a single meeting in June on the 20th.

Zoning Board Administrator

The Mayor told the board that with the resignation of Art Spencer, he had hoped Public Works Director, Tyler Chriest would be able to take on those duties. However, he was advised by Village legal counsel such an appointment would be considered a conflict of interest and would not be allowed. The board agreed to search for another replacement for the position.

Tampico Festival Update

Tara Walters, a member of the Tampico Festival Days Planning Committee, presented the board with a draft of the schedule of events. The celebration will run from July 20-23 and sponsorship opportunities will be offered in the near future. Walters added that donation boxes for the fireworks display will be placed at various businesses around the Village. Information for this summer’s event can be found on the Festival’s Website and Facebook Page.

Cyber Security Awareness- Village Clerk, Jamie McIntire advised the board that employees of the village are required annually to read through materials regarding cyber security and sign a statement saying the have done so. She hopes that process will be completed soon.

Illinois Municipal League Civility Pledge

McIntire said the IML organization encourages municipalities to have a civility pledge posted for public display. The pledge states in part “To promote civility by listening, being respectful of others, acknowledging that we are all striving to support and improve our community and understanding that we each may have different ideas for achieving that objective.” The pledge will be posted near the Village office on the Reagan Community Center.

The board’s next meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 20th at 7:00PM.

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