Flood damaged items fill a dumpster in Tampico.

Tampico Suffering Flood Damage

71 homes have reported damage in their basements from floodwaters.
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In what has quickly become a disastrous situation, Tampico Mayor Kris Hill reported during the June 4 village meeting that 71 homes have reported damage in their basements from floodwaters. Hill said her house has not been spared saying she had never had water in her basement in the 19 years she has lived there.

Hill said the village public works department is doing all he can to try and lower water levels in the sanitary sewers which have been inundated by rainwater over the past few weeks and is causing the backups. The department has been pumping water from the two lift stations in the system which according to Hill has lowered the level somewhat.

Typically, the wastewater system treats about 50,000 gallons per day but over the past 10 days the system has approached 1 million gallons per day. Hill stated the village is doing everything they can to help alleviate the situation adding that the problem is caused directly by ground water.

The mayor directed residents to pump any water from their homes to the street and not into the sanitary sewer system. She cited a village ordinance which prohibits the practice but added there is no way to police the situation at the moment and simply hopes residents will comply.

She asked residents to continue to conserve water anyway possible.  “Every little bit helps everybody in this town,” said Hill. “My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in this town, it’s not about my house it’s about everyone’s house, these are our homes.”

The Red Cross has delivered a few dozen flood kits which include a mop, a broom, various cleaning agents, gloves, and other cleaning supplies. Several of the kits have been distributed to residents. 

The villages been in contact with several state agencies including State Representative Tony McCombie’s office seeking assistance. Hill asked that anyone who has damage needs to report it to the village hall so accurate numbers can be shared with agencies. “The more information we have the better off we are when applying for assistance,” she said.  The village will be sending a representative to the Whiteside County flood meeting in Fulton on Thursday to gather information which will be shared with the village.

Residents are advised to photograph and document all damage and keep a record of placement costs and cleanup time. A large dumpster has been delivered to the front of City Hall for residents to get rid of flood damaged items.

Other Board Action

Approved an ordinance amending a policy concerning conducting village business on personal communication devices.

Commissioner Jim Coleman received a correspondence from Matt Hansen with Willett Hofmann Associates saying contractors hope to begin the water main project on Monday, June 24.

A building permit was approved for 212 North Main St. to repair a fire damaged garage.

Mayor Chris Hill expressed her condolences to Commissioner Al Wildman on the passing of his mother.

A meeting of the Tampico Festival committee will be held on Wednesday, June 5 at 6 PM at the Reagan Community Center.

The next village meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 18 at 7 PM in the Reagan Community Center.

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