New Tampico Mayor, Bruce Peltier

Tampico Seats New Mayor And Commissioners (photos)

Bruce Peltier was sworn in as the new Mayor of Tampico succeeding Kris Hill who has served in the post for the past twelve years.
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Photos courtesy Tyler Chriest

The Tampico Board of Commissioners took action on a few remaining items prior to the seating of the new mayor and two new commissioners at its meeting on Tuesday, May 2nd.

The board unanimously accepted the resignation of Village Public Works Employee, Bruce Peltier and approved using $90,000 in Motor Fuel Tax funds for road projects beginning May 1, 2023 through April 30, 2024.

New Board Seated

Mayor Kris Hill, who did not run for reelection, gave a brief farewell address summing up her years of service saying, “I’ve met with diplomats and I’ve cleaned every toilet in this building.” Hill served one term as a Commissioner and three terms as mayor for a total of 16 years of service. She also has served on various community committees for many years.

After the meeting she said, “I was very proud to serve the community and I feel I left the Village better than I found it. I really enjoyed the experience with its many highs and lows.” She thanked all those who supported her and helped her through the years.

Retiring Commissioner Jim Coleman said it was a pleasure to serve the community adding, “I am very proud of the new Village Clerk and the wonderful job she has done taking over for former Clerk, Kathy Leathers, who did a wonderful job herself.”

The other retiring Commissioner Jennifer Morales was not in attendance.

Reelected Commissioner, Ryan DeBrock stated that she’s going to continue to serve the community the best she can and support Clerk McIntire and the new Mayor. DeBrock said she looks forward to what will happen to the Village in the future. She also thanked Mayor Hill, for all she has done, and thanked Clerk McIntire for stepping in and former Clerk, Kathy Leathers, “for guiding us all along this journey.”

Tammy Kendell, also a reelected Commissioner agreed with all that DeBrock said and stated ,”Round two, here we come.”

McIntire presented Hill with a gift from the employees of the Village as a thank you for all she has done over the years serving the community.

Members of the Tampico Lions Club were also present to give a gift to Hill as a thank you for all her dedication and support over the years. “Mayor Hill accomplished many different things including making a better place for everyone too attend for fellowship and exercise,” said Lion Terry Gaskill.

(l-r) Lion Pres. Ron Church, Lion Terry Gaskill, and retiring Tampico Mayor Kris Hill

Following a short break, Clerk McIntire announced the election results from the April 4th election as certified by Whiteside County Clerk, Dana Nelson. Mayor: Bruce Peltier – 83 votes. He ran unopposed. Commissioners: Sherry Coleman – 70 votes, Susan Dean – 62 votes; Tammy Kendell – 60 votes; Ryan DeBrock – 59 votes; Miranda Klockenga – 55 votes. Bruce Peltier was declared elected Mayor with Susan Dean, Sherry Coleman, Tammy Kendell and Ryan DeBrock declared elected Commissioners. The term of office is four years.

Clerk McIntire administered the oath of office to the newly elected Council and provided the new members with booklets of information to assist them in carrying out their duties.

New Tampico Mayor Bruce Peltier taking his oath.

Mayor Peltier asked the Council to fill out and complete the information given to them in their packets and return it to the Clerk as soon as possible. Mayor Peltier assigned Department Committees: Kendell- Streets & Public Improvements; DeBrock- Public Property; Dean- Accounts and Finance; Coleman- Public Health and Safety.

Action Items

  • Approved removing Kristine Hill and Jim Coleman from Village accounts with Peoples National Bank.
  • Approved adding Bruce Peltier, Susan Dean or Jamie McIntire to do Business with Peoples National Bank on behalf of the Village of Tampico.
  • Following an executive session, approve the hiring of Kelly Collinson as a part-time employee for the Public Works Department at $18.00 an hour for 25 hours per week or as needed with a 90 day probation period.

The next Village Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 16 at 7:00 PM in the Reagan Community Center located at 202 W. Second Street.


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