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Tampico Offering Opportunity


If you have an idea or dream that you would like to share with the Village of Tampico, they would love to hear from you tonight, Wednesday, November 6th. The village is hosting a meeting to discuss ideas on how to best use the former CGH Clinic building, originally built by Dr. Shah in the early 80’s.

The doctor is leaving the country for a time and would like to see the office put to use. The building is well maintained and located at 123 South Main St. in downtown Tampico.

The meeting will be hosted at the Village Hall beginning at 6:30 PM with Dr. Shah, NIU professor Norman Walzer, and Whiteside County Economic Development Director Gary Camarano in attendance.

Uses for the building will be discussed including a community organized enterprise, a way for multiple entities to come together to help support and grow businesses. Mayor Kris Hill said,” This will be a great opportunity to discuss ways to create a positive future for our downtown.”


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