Tampico Mayor Addresses Aggregation Concerns

I encourage you to not opt out, but if you have opted out and wish to return to this aggregation the Village Hall can help you get the information you will need.
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Submitted by Mayor Kris Hill

(The following is a letter written by Tampico Mayor Kris Hill)

A recent post on the Village of Tampico Community Connection Facebook page and heaven only knows where else, has caused a lot of needless confusion about the Village’s electrical aggregation program.   To clarify, the letter that was recently received from Dynegy about the program is legit. It was sent out by Dynegy on behalf of the Village of Tampico to inform the residents about the new contracted energy rate. The agreement was voted on at a recent board meeting, which contains the option to opt out if you would like to. Please take the time to read through the comments from Mike Mudge of Rock River Energy Services.

I encourage you to not opt out, but if you have opted out and wish to return to this aggregation the Village Hall can help you get the information you will need. Many communities are involved with the aggregation in order to help their residents save money and not be subjected to unexpected increases.

If you have any further concerns or questions, please call the Village Hall 815-438-2505. They will be happy to answer your questions or give you the contact information to directly contact Mike Mudge.

Comments from Mike Mudge:

The Village of Tampico recently approved a new 3 year contract with Dynegy a licensed supplier with the State of Illinois, for a 3 year term firm rate of 6.395 cents per Kwhr. The current  ComEd regulated price to compare is at an annual weighted average of 6.985 cents per kwhr. 

This is the 4th 3 year contract the Village has signed since the inception in 2012. 

This was all done under the Illinois Commerce Commission and under the State Utilities Code. There are over 750 Governmental entities in Illinois that have passed such referendums. 

You can go to the ICC website at ICC Plug In Illinois ® to get the actual facts of the program.

Facts to remember:

Customers can opt out of the program at any time during the contract with no termination fees.             ComEd now posts the Price to Compare on their bills so people can see what they are paying (suppliers rate) vs. the ComEd rate.

The Community rate is a fixed rate for the term of the contract, it is not an index rate. 

On April of 2012 the voters of the Village of Tampico passed a Referendum, which allowed the Village Board to solicit bids from licensed suppliers to set a Community rate that would allow ratepayers the option of saving on their electrical bills.

Tampico joined with the City of Morrison, and Villages of Ashton, Franklin Grove, Erie, Lee Sublette and Walnut on this last bid and all share the same low rate.

Mike Mudge Rock River Energy Services

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