Tampico Elementary “Crushes It” With Guest Music Director (video)

The Kindergarten class opened the TES Christmas program.
The program featured soloists and concluded with all grades joining together to sing. "We Wish You A Merry Christmas".
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Without a music teacher in the Tampico Elementary building this year it looked as though there would be no Christmas program for parents and students to enjoy. But fear not, for a hero emerged to save the Christmas program. A young man who has a special place in his heart for Tampico; Sean Sandrock.

Sandrock said he was first approached in mid-October and asked if he would be willing to put together a Christmas program for the school. As a student at Eureka College and being engaged in several extracurricular activities he declined the offer. About a moth later TES Principal, Jim Geer reached out again to see if Sandrock would reconsider. “I told him ‘I can give you six days, two before Thanksgiving and four the week of the program”. He set about coming up with ideas for a theme and songs for each grade level.

The biggest challenge for the music major was the age of his students. “I had never worked with elementary kids. It was definitely a new experience, wrangling kids for week.” The rookie instructor got plenty of support from the TES staff. During the first two sessions with the kids he introduced them to their songs and then met with the teachers. “I asked them to play the songs for the kids as much as possible, so they hopefully would know them when I returned the week of the show. They did a phenomenal job! When I came back they were able to sing the songs from memory.” He also praised the work of the school’s TEA (parent’s group) who decorated the stage and hallways for the big night.

When the curtain came down after the final song Sandrock was pleased with the performance. “It went 100 times better than I expected it to go. It went smoothly, the soloists were great, and the teachers were a big help.” He said the biggest reward came from the dozens of well wishers and supporters whom he heard from before and after the show.

With a theme of “Christmas in Cinema” the show was a hit with each class performing two songs, along with narrators and soloists.

Enjoy the 2022 Tampico Elementary Christmas program.

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