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Tampico Area Community Building To Reopen


Tampico News by Terry Gaskill

The TACB board voted Saturday to open the Tampico Area Community Building with the following stipulations:

1. People are asked to wear masks into the sanitized building, but can be taken off inside the building if they want too. 

2. Groups of 10 people should be 6 feet apart.

3. Liquid hand sanitizers and wipes will be provided. 

4. You are asked to leave the building as you found it by sanitizing the tables, etc. that are used. 

5. The rental fee for the climate controlled building is $40 with a deposit of $10 for the key. 

6. The $10 deposit will be return if the building does not have to be cleaned by the janitor when you return the key.  

A rental information sheet will be given along with the key from either Anita Stickel 815-438-5631 or Alice Grimes 815-590-1507. 

Upcoming Activities

Tampico Mexican Train Dominoes will be played every Thursday at 6 PM, but people will stay at their same table during the games and tables will be 6 feet apart with hand sanitizer at each table.

Senior games will be played on Mondays and Thursdays at 1 PM of cards and dice games.  A $1 donation is asked to help support the building and everyone is asked to leave the building as you found it.  

Refreshment can be served and each person is to use plastic forks and paper plates which will be provided.  A $5 donation is asked if you wish to win prizes to help support the TACB and pay for expenses.

Non-profit organizations do not have to pay use the building unless they are using it for a fundraiser which the rental fee will be charged.  Donations are appreciated.

The TACB Board; Terry Gaskill-President, Duane Thompson-Vice President, Joan Johnson-Treasurer, Anita Stickles & Alice Grimes Coordinators, and Regi Fortune-Director. Thank you for your support of the TACB with donations and rentals.


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