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Rock River Invites Farmers To Donate


In our rural communities, farming is the life blood of the economy. Local economics go as the farmers go. In a time of crisis, farmers keep pushing on, knowing their importance to the well being of millions of consumers.

So, It is not surprising that farmers are initiating efforts to help in this time of need. Carey Bauer, manager of Rock River Lumber and Grain was contacted by Nik Jacobs, a farmer from Sterling, who suggested a way that area farmers could help local food banks who are certain to be put under great strain in the coming weeks.

They devised a plan to allow farmers to donate bushels of grain, which could be turned into cash very quickly and put into the hands of the local food banks. 

So, if an area farmer wants to donate bushels he would deliver a load to one of the Rock River locations and the company in turn would issue a check to the local food pantry. With several locations that serve different food banks, donations would be directed to the area in which the farmer resides.

Rock River sent out a letter on Friday around noon to their customers and by the close of business they had received about $7,000 worth of donations from two area farmers. “We hope this will facilitate a way to get much needed funds to area food banks in a short period of time,” said Bauer.

An excerpt from the letter:

“In an effort to raise money for food banks desperate for assistance, The Sterling Rail is now accepting grain donations.  The money raised from these donations will be immediately reallocated to food banks within the Sauk Valley and Northern Illinois region. Donations of any bushel size will go any extraordinary length in making sure every member of our community can withstand the weight of this crisis.  One of the greatest feelings is knowing we can make a difference. We all take pride in our ability as farmers to feed this country and our communities. Right now, they need our help like never before. Please, donate what you can. Every little bit matters!”

Agriculture is deemed an “essential Industry” so ag companies such as Rock River will continue normal operations during the Shelter in Place in Illinois.


  1. Thank you farmers for your donations!!! You generosity is greatly appreciated.
    Prophetstown/Lyndon Food Pantry Volunteer


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