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Prophetstown Proud Seeks Volunteers

Over the past few years, Prophetstown Proud has worked hard to establish initiatives to make Prophetstown a better place to live and work. However, to continue, we need volunteers who are willing to make the commitment to support us.
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As members of this community, we can work together to share thoughts and information and work on activities and events to benefit our community. As an added bonus, our events are fun for volunteers and participants!

So, come to one of our meetings; serve on the Board; undertake a specific task or event; participate in encouraging others to get involved; or get involved in some combination of the above. As you consider ways you can help Prophetstown become an even better community, think of what you can volunteer in terms of time, talent and ideas.

Our Board meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at 8 a.m., and the Fourth Friday planning meetings are the second Monday of each month at 9 a.m. We invite you to simply come to one of these meetings in the Hanford Insurance conference room. If you would rather, contact us via the volunteer page on our website, or call us at 815-537-5139. There are many ways to get involved. The important thing is to take the first step.

The Prophetstown Proud organization currently consists of four community and business individuals. Three of these members own their own businesses, hold full-time jobs and have young children at home. All four members volunteer on committees outside of Prophetstown Proud. We recently moved into the Prophetstown Area Historical Society to save money as we operate solely on donations. This move enables us to put every dollar donated to our organization right back into our town.

We do receive many great ideas on expanding our events and suggestions for new activities. Unfortunately, these great ideas and suggestions do not come with sincere offers of assistance. Planning and implementing events is a time-consuming process that includes meetings, follow-through, accounting, marketing, website changes, social media posts, newsletters, registration, state filings, grants and more. We need help!

We need more community-minded people, both business and residential, to come in and join us. We are getting tired. We love our small town and local businesses, but we cannot continue to do this on our own. Without a commitment from fellow members of our community to assist us, we will need to curtail many of our activities this coming year.

Together we can do so much more. Please join us to make a difference in our community!

Working together to make Prophetstown the BEST small town in Illinois!

Prophetstown Proud Board

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