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(UPDATE )Prophetstown Opens New Yard Waste Dump Site (photos)

Prophetstown residents can no longer dump yard waste at the site off Star Rd. /3rd St.

(Update- Prophetstown Public Works Director Brian Strike wants to remind residents of the change in location of the city’s yard waste dump site, as some waste is still being dumped at the old location. This is the article that originally ran when the new site opened in August.)

The city of Prophetstown has bowed to pressure from the IDNR (Illinois Department of Natural Resources) and moved its local yard waste dump site. The old site, along Star Rd./3rd St., has been roped off and a new site on Lyndon Road opened Tuesday afternoon.

The move of the facility was necessitated by a letter the city received from the IDNR on July 16th indicating that the city was in violation of IDNR Code which states that no refuse can be dumped on IDNR property. The letter gave the city thirty days to end its practice.

The current site had been in operation for decades without any indication from the department that there was a problem.

The new site is located about a quarter mile south of the old location, on the west side of Lyndon Road just past the Prophetstown Township Garage. The site has a small fence around it and is outlined by a gravel road allowing vehicles to pull in and turn around. Residents are asked to dump their waste in the middle of the area.

The new yard waste dump site for city residents is small distance from the former site.

Prophetstown Public Works Director Brian Strike says the site will also be used by the city to dump snow removed from Main Street.

As in the past city crews will periodically remove the collected waste and transport it to the city’s burn pile near the sewer plant.

Details are still being worked out, but there may be a locked gate installed and hours of operation posted. A new sign will be installed at the entrance listing what materials can be dumped.

The city and Prophetstown and Prophetstown Township both use a salt bin located on the IDNR property and it is hoped that an agreement can be worked out to continue the practice.


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