Prophetstown High School invites parents to celebrate the Class of ’24 Seniors in the yearbook


As the academic year progresses, Prophetstown High School encourages parents and guardians to commemorate the achievements of their Class of '24 graduate with personalized Senior Ads in the upcoming yearbook.
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To express heartfelt congratulations, families can reserve space in the yearbook for personalized messages, photos, and well-wishes. Mr. Morley, the designated contact for Senior Ads, can be reached at 815-537-5161 or via email at

Pricing details for Senior Ads are as follows:

  • ⅛ of a page in black and white: $55; in color: $110
  • ¼ of a page in black and white: $85; in color: $170

This opportunity allows families to celebrate and honor their graduating seniors in a memorable way. Act now to secure your space in the yearbook and create a lasting tribute to your Class of ’24 student.

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