Prophetstown Council Approves Energy Contract for Pumping Accounts

In a library update, the proposal for elevator specs is ready and bidding process will start soon. 
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By Sarah Ford, AP Staff

There were only a few items voted on at the Prophetstown City Council meeting on Tuesday, September 12. The council approved a 3-year electric contract with Dynegy for the pumping accounts, as the current contract expires in December. The energy rate approved was 0.052 per kWh for the water tower, lift station, and sewage treatment plant. The council will be getting information on using solar at the new water treatment plant, and they’ll have an ordinance on raising water rates at the next meeting. 

The council approved closing 5th Street on a Saturday in October from 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. for the IMH Community Open House, though the exact date is yet to be determined. In a library update, the proposal for elevator specs is ready and bidding process will start soon. 

Mayor Steve Swanson reported that StradaComm – the fiber optic internet service provider – is still waiting on IDOT to identify where the line can be placed on the bridge. The company is also working to identify a location to place cabinets that will hold the service equipment. One possible location is the west side of the public works building since natural gas is needed. There’s also an expected 90-day wait for the cabinets to be delivered.

Swanson also reported that Bob Hatheway of Shaw’s Marketplace has been dealing with unforeseen repairs that have doubled the original cost estimates during remodeling of the grocery store. Swanson wondered if any TIF money can be allocated for the project, such as tuckpointing on the wall with the mural.        

Department Reports

The board approved closed session minutes and keeping executive session minutes closed.

The next meeting of the board will be on Tuesday, October 10 at 7 p.m. at the City Hall.

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  1. After what we saw in Hawaii with no water pressure after the power outage, do we have a plan if Prophetstown experiences a prolonged power outage?

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