Prophetstown Christmas Ornament Is Chosen

The winning entry in the ornament contest was designed by Sonja Huffstutler.
Hudson Crady's entry earned him a second place prize of $50 and Abigail Jensen's ornament earned her a $35 third prize.
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A new tradition was started this Holiday season by Hanford Insurance Co. in Prophetstown as they sponsored a contest in conjunction with PLT#3 6-12 Campus to create a limited-edition Christmas ornament. The contest involved art students designing an ornament to commemorate the holiday season in Prophetstown and reflect the theme of the annual parade.

Bart Dirks with Hanford Insurance presents Sonja Huffstutler with her first place award.

The winner of the contest was Sonja Huffstutler, a freshman at PHS. Her design landed her a $75 first place prize and the honor having 150 of her ornaments produced to be distributed. Huffstutler numbered and initialed all of the ornaments, and will hand them out on Monday, December 20th at the home EP boys Freshman/JV basketball game starting about 5:00. An event, TBA, will be held to distribute any left over ornaments.

After announcing the inaugural contest, student entries were judged by a committee, consisting of the art teacher and two other school staff members. Their top ten choices were then submitted to a final committee made up of a school staff member, a staff member from Hanford Insurance, and a board member from Prophetstown Proud.

Megan Dirks, with Hanford, said ideally the ornaments would have been given out the night of the parade but due to shipping delays that was not possible. Hanford sponsored the contest including the prizes and the cost of reproduction of the winning ornament.

Hudson Crady’s entry earned him a second place prize of $50 and Abigail Jensen’s ornament earned her a $35 third prize.

Dirks added, “It is our hope this will be the start of an annual, long-lasting tradition and part of Prophetstown’s Christmas activities”.

(l-r) Bart Dirks, Sonja Huffstutler, Hudson Crady, Abigail Jensen.

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