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Prophetstown Business Double Down (video)


Submitted by Prophetstown Main Street

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has hit our local economy hard. As local businesses begin the reopening process, uncertainty remains. Prophetstown Main Street is advancing our vision for a return to normalcy, and a big part of that is to get our economic heartbeat going strong once again.

Starting today (Monday) Prophetstown Main Street is launching a Double Bucks Program. The program allows patrons to buy an internet based gift card in the amounts of $5, $10, $25, or $50. Main Street along with area sponsors will then double your amount up to $50. So a $50 gift card is actually worth $100 at no additional cost to the customer.

The program was launched in Geneseo, Illinois a few weeks ago and has been wildly successful.The idea was the brain child of Bart Dirks at Hanford Insurance in Prophetstown who pitched it to the company’s owners who took the idea and developed it.

The program is entirely internet based. You simply provide an email address and you are the option to send it to yourself or another person as a gift using their email and/or phone number. You determine the dollar amount you would like to purchase, matched dollar-for-dollar up to $50. You will receive an email with a voucher that you can print or send the link to your mobile device and avoid the paper hassle. The merchant will run the transaction like a normal credit card and the program automatically keeps track of your balance. The voucher can be used in over a dozen Prophetstown businesses that re listed on the program website.

The matching funds for the program have been donated by Farmers National Bank, Hanford Insurance, Prophet Mini-Mart, Rock River Lumber & Grain, Hometown Hardware, Envy Boutique, Prophetstown Farmers Mutual Insurance Co., and Mix Style.

If you know of someone who does not have an email address and would like to participate a friend or relative’s email can be used.

Thanks to the generosity of these local businesses and organizations, who are able and willing to contribute, this program is possible.

The program is designed to get revenue into the hands of businesses most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic shut down.

For additional information contact Prophetstown Main Street at 815-537-5139.

Prophetstown Main Street President, Bart Dirks explains the program in this short video.

In order to check out the program go to this Double Bucks Link


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