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PLT Graduation Plans Changed


A well thought out plan to try and allow Prophetstown High School seniors to have a somewhat traditional ceremony have been thwarted by Bob Sondgeroth, Regional Superintendent of Schools.

In a letter sent out on Friday to seniors, 8th graders, and their families, 6-12 campus principal Keith Stewart said, “I was informed this morning by the Regional Superintendent of Schools that we will not be able to have our prom, graduation, or 8th grade promotion ceremonies planned for late July and early August.”

Stewart hoped that by delaying the activities until late July that COVID-19 restrictions may become less stringent allowing for the gatherings to take place. Prom was tentatively scheduled for July 30th with high school graduation on Sunday, August 2nd. 8th grade promotion was being planned for Monday, August 3rd.

Sondgeroth could not be reached for comment.

When asked if he thought the regional office had the authority to cancel the planned event, Stewart said he was not sure, adding he did not have the resources to challenge the decision.

The new plan calls for a “drive up” recognition for 8th graders and graduating seniors on June 5 & 6 from 9 AM-5 PM. Students and families will reserve a 10-minute time slot for graduates to get out, receive their diploma or certificate, and get a picture with immediate family. These events are still subject to all social distancing regulations.

Times can be reserved here: www.bit.ly/pltgrad

Stewart also announced the 2020 Prom will not be held.

Stewart ended the message saying,”I had hoped by pushing our plans into the late summer, we would be able to celebrate your accomplishments, but the aggressive spread of COVID-19 has prevented us from doing that. I apologize for the disappointment this has caused many of you. There will be brighter days in the future.”


  1. The high school where I teach had a “Senior Cruise” last Sunday afternoon. Students who wished to participate decorated their vehicles, met at the high school, and went cruising (parents drove the vehicles). As far as attire, some students dressed up, some wore their cap and gown, but most students dressed casually. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how the cruise would go over, but the students loved every minute of it. The town, which has approximately the same population as Prophetstown, came out to support the seniors, which was absolutely awesome. Even though graduation is cancelled, it doesn’t mean that there is absolutely no way left to honor the Class of 2020. Drive by diploma pick-up doesn’t sound like much fun. A town cruise for the graduating class? Now THAT was fun, and it was also a great way to honor our seniors.
    [The faculty and staff that were in attendance practiced social distancing, and wore face masks. The seniors and their families were also required to practice social distancing while waiting for the cruise to begin.]


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