PES Library Reopens (video)

PES students browse for books in their new styled library shelves.
Browsing for books at the PES Library just became a lot more fun.
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Students at Prophetstown Elementary School got an early Christmas present on Monday as they held a ribbon cutting for their school’s library, which had been closed for 11 months following a renovation due to water damage.

PLT#3 District Librarian and Media Specialist, Laura Crisp headed the project that suffered through multiple supply delays, an asbestos abatement, and the relocation of the library’s contents several times.

Crisp is big believer in providing a welcoming and comfortable environment for each library in the district saying, “The library is a part of the school but also a completely separate part of the school. It’s a place where you can go and just be in the presence of books. We want it to be entirely inviting and a welcoming space.”

See PES students enjoy the space for the first time and the updates designed specifically for their age group.

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  1. What a well designed library shelving system for this age of library users. Easy to look through and find a book. You can tell a lot of thought went into the selection of the shelving for the books.

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