Sholes' Hall, center two-story frame building, was the social gathering spot for Prophetstown residents starting in the late 1800's.

PAHS: Remembering Sholes’ Hall

Learn about Sholes' Hall and other historical Prophetstown theaters in this look back from PAHS.
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Submitted by Fred South, PAHS

Prophetstown Area Historical Society archivist Fred South takes us on a tour of historical Prophetstown theaters in his most recent look at Prophetstown’s past. Spotlighting Sholes’ Hall, South uses numerous images to give a sense of what these gathering spaces were used for to go along along with where they were located and how they looked.

Head back in Prophetstown’s past with:

Remembering Sholes’ Hall

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  1. Really love these history lessons of Prophetstown! Thanks Mr. South. Having grown up there and gone to the Town Theater for years, then watching it burn on that cold night in 1968 are times I’ll never forget. The icicles were amazing, there was just ice everywhere. Loved reading what that building was before it was the theater. It always smelled like popcorn. The Vittitows would patrol up and down the aisles all during a show. They looked very dapper in their nice suits. The first time I ever saw my husband of 53 years was during a showing of Ben Hur, but of course I didn’t know at the time he would be my husband. We were all kids. I remember mom would give us each 35 cents, which got us a ticket and some candy too. The thought of Prophetstown always makes me smile and proud to have grown up there.

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