PAHS Looks At Spring Hill

Looks like the sign makers got it wrong?
Learn about early Spring Hill with the help of PAHS member Fred South.
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Submitted by Fred South, PAHS

The Prophetstown Area Historical Society archivist, Fred South takes a look at the early days of Spring Hill. Find out what the first buildings to go up in Spring Hill were and where they were laid out. Learn about early shopkeepers and their tiny clientele.

Mr. South again presents a fun and thorough exploration of local history, please enjoy.

The Story Of Spring Hill

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  1. My Grandfather Harley G Meyer owned a large lumber business for years at the bottom of the hill for many years with satellite buildings in Erie and Hoopole. Three homes that he built on the south side of the road still exist along with one lumber building towards the back of the old lumberyard. A bar was located in the lumberyard office where hot lunches were served.

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