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Outdoor Smiles IX (photos)


We have moved into September but our local flowers are still in great shape as the season is drawing to a close, in this 9th edition of Outdoor Smiles.

Throughout the week, photos of eye catching yards will be published. They may be addresses you drive by each day, but have never stopped to admire the beauty and the hours of work that people put into their landscapes.

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The featured is sponsored by Hanford Insurance with offices in Prophetstown, Erie, Port Byron and Geneseo.

Riverside Cemetery in Prophetstown has long been known for its well kept look and beautiful potted flowers. Each spring a small group of volunteers fills the planters with a variety of beautiful flowers and plants.

The cemetery staff waters and maintains the planters throughout the summer, which lead to some breath taking colors and a beautiful sense of serenity when strolling the hallowed grounds.

The flowers are beautiful! Thanks for the smiles volunteers and staff at Riverside Cemetery!

If you have a suggestion for a yard to be pictured please contact us at Aroundprophetstown@gmail.com. The is NOT a contest, just a chance to show off the beauty of the summer.


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