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No Power And Still A Mess


At 4:00 PM on Tuesday, more than twenty-four hours after a devastating wind storm, many local residents are still without power.

According to the ComEd Outage map nearly 47% of Whiteside County remains without power. That is basically unchanged from 9:00 AM Tuesday morning. Area restoration times on the website are listed as Saturday, August 15th at 3:00 PM.

The sound of gas powered generators and chainsaws continue to dominate the usual quiet of area small towns.

Gas stations are still out of power in Prophetstown, Erie, and Lyndon with Morrison, Tampico and Sterling/Rock Falls as operational near by options.

Shaw’s Marketplace in Prophetstown remains closed and disposed of hundreds of items from freezers into outside dumpsters.

Tree removal companies and public works departments can be seen on many area streets removing large trees and limbs from properties.


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