Nature’s Show Never Gets Old (video)

The annual event came very early this season with a good chance there could be a repeat performance.
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Living in a river town has its advantages as well as its disadvantages but one thing area residents do enjoy is watching sheets of ice on the Rock River break loose and move downstream. The process is always a good reminder of the powerful force that is Nature.

On Tuesday afternoon the warm temperatures finally enticed the bank to bank sheet of ice to head south. Like a bulldozer, the ice moves slowly but with great force, moving most objects in its path and rearranging the shoreline with assorted tree trunks and limbs.

With unseasonable temperatures the annual occurrence came early in the season and only nature knows if there will be a repeat in the weeks to come.

Near the end of the video their is one individual who seemed rather happy that the ice was gone.

The Ice Moves

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  1. Great job capturing this. Having two miles of river frontage, always dread the thought of flooding. The river was somewhat open by our farm before the ice broke up by P-town.

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