Morrison Adds New Class for Liquor Licenses

By Sarah Ford, AP Staff Writer

Morrison’s City Council approved the addition of a new class of liquor licenses at their meeting on Monday, April 15.
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The Class H retail liquor license will be available for banquet halls or event centers to sell alcohol at events such as weddings or parties. Though none are operating in the city now, the council previously discussed the liquor license class to help attract potential new businesses.   

City Administrator Brian Melton provided an amended ordinance following the council’s feedback last month. The license can be issued to a business that holds 75 people or more, and times will be no later than 11 p.m. on Saturdays and not before noon on Sundays. Holders of the license must pay an annual fee of $500.

“It’s one more mechanism the city offers to help businesses,” said Melton, adding that the business’s main source of revenue can’t be alcohol, but rather food or catering. Businesses will need to apply for the license and the council will give approval as applications come in.

Items for Consideration and Possible Action

The Consent Agenda was approved as presented, with meeting minutes, bills payable in the amount of $71,104.51, and clarification on Mayoral appointments of Hillary Blevins, Charla Olson, and Andy Renkes to the Grove Hill Cemetery Board of Trustees through April 30, 2025. Mayor Scott Vandermyde stated that trustees of the cemetery board are not required to live within city limits.

The council approved the FY 2025 budget plan for public viewing, with the budget to be adopted at the next meeting following a public hearing. Melton said a couple minor changes were made to the Odell Public Library Fund to correct a negative fund balance due to accounting errors. The council also approved FY 2024 end of year transfers as presented by Melton.  

A public hearing on the “Proposed Annexation of Contiguous Territory” was set for Monday, April 29 at 6:30 p.m.  

Items for Discussion and Information

On the Move with Parks and Rec (OTM) has been looking at a couple pieces of equipment for the parks. One is a Kangaroo pillow jumper, which isn’t seen at many parks. It’d be a good fit for one of the Morrison parks or the Sports Complex.

OTM needs a few things from the city such as electricity, since it’s an inflatable piece. The jumper would be on a timer, it’s durable, and there’s “fairly low maintenance.” It will be bordered by sand to provide a soft landing. The jumper will be professionally installed, though city prep work would be appreciated.

The council was supportive, saying it’s a great piece of equipment for kids at the sports complex. The estimated cost and installation is $12,200, with delivery by May 10. Melton said the city is still pursuing a significant grant for other playground equipment at the complex.

Melton next provided a brief update on the strategic plan, saying he and the mayor have been working on community and government services questions for the public survey part. There are 60 questions as of now, most with quick and easy responses. They hope to have the survey finalized and ready to go out by early May. After that, they’ll have focus group sessions in mid-May and then workshops.

The council concluded the meeting with an executive session. The next regular meeting will be on Monday, April 29 at 6:30 p.m. at the Odell Public Library community room.

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