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Lyndon Discusses Cannabis Ordinances; Begins Abandonment Proceedings

Abandonment proceedings have begun on this property at 408 7th Ave. East.

Ordinances pertaining to establishments wishing to sell cannabis in the village limits were discussed by the Lyndon Board of Trustees during their August meeting on Tuesday.

With the passage of new laws in the state of Illinois, allowing the possession and sale of cannabis, which go into effect on January 1, 2020, municipalities must establish guidelines in relation to sales. Village attorney Matt Cole reviewed a document that explained many items that the village will need to address, basically time, place, and manner of sales.  Trustee Beck Piester expressed her thoughts that the board should not completely prohibit sales as the village would receive a 3% tax on each transaction.  It was also the consensus that the likelihood of a business opening in the village to sell the product were fairly remote. Many of the guidelines discussed reflected current alcohol policies.  The discussion was tabled to the finance meeting.

The village attorney will begin the process of abandonment of a property at 408 7th Ave. East owned by Arlene Sanders, who is deceased. Cole said the taxes on the property have not been paid for the last two years.  The process includes several steps beginning with posting public notice to verify that there are no owners. Currently the village is mowing the property.  Police Chief Mike Fisk will inquire if the fire department would be interested in burning the structure for training purposes.

Board Action

Approved an outdoor music permit for Bears Show Town USA on Saturday, August 17.

Approved a change order on the water tower painting contract of $3,400 to add the image of an American Flag.

Approved sending a notice of termination of facilities lease with the WISP.net.

Approved a water refund of $437.93 to Blaeco Properties, with a reminder to village employees to obtain written authorization for all water supply changes.

Approved building permits for Seth Jones, Jerry Sibley, and Dylone Hambelton.

Approved the hiring of Austin McKee as a full-time public works employee on the recommendation of director John Wright.

Approved the renewal of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois health insurance.

Approved attaining bids to remove up to seven ash trees in the village.

Recommended the village apply for a boat access area development grant from the IDNR during the next application window.

Executive Session

Carrie Ritemon was hired as part-time Deputy Clerk and began her duties on Wednesday.  She will train under village clerk Georgia Schaver.  She will also learn some of the duties performed by treasurer Alicia Wetzell.

Department Reports

Installation of new water lines in Lyndon has begun.

Public Works Director-John Wright

Reported the painting and cleaning of the water tower are progressing and the installation of new water lines on the south side of the village have begun. Residents affected have been notified.

Department employees have applied eight tons of hot patch on streets. 

Police Chief – Mike Fisk

Updated the board on the recent problem of mobile trailers being used residences.

The next monthly council meeting will be held Tuesday, September 10th at 6:00 PM.


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