The new signage near the Historic Lyndon Bridge was recently installed.

Lyndon April; Street Extension Approved, Employee Issue Arises

Lyndon Public Works Department has large project in the offing.
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The extension of a village street and accompanying water line were given the green light and Public Works Director, John Wright, threatened to resign over a vacation issue at this week’s Lyndon Village Board meeting.

Wright threatened to tender his resignation due to what he called a “breach of contract” with the village near the end of Tuesday night’s monthly meeting. Wright, who has been employed by the village for the past 10 years, said he asked for an additional week of vacation (a total of 3) and a pay raise four years ago, threatening to resign if his demands then were not met. According to Wright his demands at that time were agreed to by the board, but the additional week he was given is now in dispute. Village policy is to give full-time employees one week of vacation initially, with two weeks given after 5 years and a third week after 10 years. After formally addressing the board Wright returned to his seat and engaged in a conversation with Mayor Becky Piester who told Wright, “I don’t know what to tell you John.” Wright went on to list a litany of past issues he has had as an employee with the village. Following the adjournment of the meeting Piester asked the board members if they would be willing to hold a special meeting to discuss Wright’s issue. The board agreed ad will meet on Monday, April18th At 6 PM.

Street Extension

10th Ave. E will be extended to join 1st St. E. near the PPD ball diamonds. The house under construction in the background is the reason for the extension.

The board approved an expenditure of approximately $22,000 to complete an unfinished street along with a water line extension on the east end of the village. Currently, 10th Ave., E. stops at 4th St., E. near the Prophetstown Park District ball diamonds. Land just to the south of the ball fields was sold and a house is being constructed on the site, which currently has no road or water access. The water line will be extended, at a cost of approximately $15,000, from where it ends on 1 St. E., to the new portion of 10th Ave. and then north to 4th St., E. The water extension will eliminate a problem of stagnation in the area as it will now form a loop. At the suggestion of Superintendent Wright, the council agreed to have the gravel for the road hauled in by a contractor in lieu of using Village equipment. The material and transportation costs for the road bed will be approximately $7,000. The project will be paid from the motor fuel tax fund.

Board Action

Approved the adoption of a Simplified Municipal Telecommunications Tax, which provides for the collection of tax from any telecommunication company doing business in the village that does not already have a franchise agreement. The tax was adopted to be levied for Internet Fiber companies that install services in the village.

Community Garden
The village board approved reinstating a community garden project at a cost of $25 per plot. The garden will be located on the north side of village hall between Mohawk and 6th Ave., West. Resident Arlyn Madsen volunteered to till the ground. He also suggested a list of guidelines be established for the project.

Approved ComEd to conduct assessments of Village properties for their energy efficiency. A report will produced and given to the board with suggestions for improvements.

Building Permits

Tim Armstrong, 506 3rd St. W., for a concrete pad at his greenhouse and vegetable business.

Corey and Patty Connelly at 419 10th Ave E. for a new driveway. A request to replace a drainage tube on the property was tabled until further details can be obtained.

Department Reports

Police – Chief Mike Fisk

Asked permission to apply to the Moore Foundation to help with the purchase of new police radios and body camera.

Discussed new technology involving speed limit signs that are connected to a network and can identify vehicles to help track and apprehend vehicles involved in criminal activity.

Attended the Whiteside County E-Zone meeting and reminded the board of the Sauk Valley Community College Impact Program. Students who sign up for the program as a freshman and complete 25 hours of community service work each year of their high school career can attend SVCC tuition free.

Public Works – Superintendent John Wright

The recently purchased regulation signs for the Historic Lyndon Bridge have been installed near the bridge. Signs identifying the bridge as part of the Rock River Trail have also been erected.
A water main near the bridge that was leaking and has been replaced.

The next regular monthly Village meeting will be Tuesday, May 10th at 6:00 at Village Hall.

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