Lyndon Approves Funds For Street Repairs

Dates for the Village spring garage sales has been set for May 5, 6,and 7.
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The Lyndon Village Board approved up to $92,000 from the motor fuel tax fund to put towards road repairs in the Village this summer. The board has a priority list of streets they would like to resurface but the estimate provided by Whiteside County Engineers exceeded the board’s estimated costs. They will seek bids for the streets on the priority list in hopes that the cost will come in less than the estimates and will allow them to repair all the streets on the list.

Board Action

Approved the dates of May 5th, 6th, 7th for the spring garage sales.

Approved a building permit for Chris Lansford for a garage at 206 3rd Ave E.

Department Reports

Public Works Supervisor-Mike Fisk

  • Told the board that information for seeking bids on the road projects needs to be turned into Whiteside County as soon as possible.
  • The new flooring has been installed in the maintenance garage office along with a fresh coat of paint.
  • The salt for road maintenance has been hauled from the Whiteside County Highway Department to the Village’s storage bin on Mohawk Road.
  • The general cleanup of the the village maintenance sheds on Mohawk Road is underway.
  • The mowing deck for the village’s John Deere tractor needs to be replaced.
  • The police department squad car needed a repair done to the fuel tank due to rust.
  • An ongoing problem with the Village garbage truck has been resolved and is running well.

Public Comment

Gene Ryan with Ryan’s Tree Service addressed the Council seeking information about the village’s practice of hauling and burning its tree waste outside the Village on private property. Ryan said it is his understanding that it is illegal to burn such waste within 1,000 feet of the village limits. He submitted a FOIA request asking to see the permits that allows the village to continue the practice.

The next regular Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, April at 6PM at the Lyndon Village Hall.

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