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Lyndon Adds Board Member

Barry Spencer takes the oath of office at the June Lyndon board meeting.

At the beginning of the Tuesday, June 8th Lyndon Village Board meeting Mayor Becky Piester nominated Barry Spencer to fill one of the two vacant seats on the board. The board unanimously approved the appointment of Spencer who will fulfill the two-years remaining on the term of Bryan Bowen who recently moved from the village. Spencer was sworn in by village clerk Shanyne DeSmit. Piester said the other vacancy will remain open for the time being.

The board debated accepting a bid from Porter Brothers’ Asphalt for the repaving of several village streets. Piester said she was not happy with previous work done by the company in the village saying she was “not comfortable with them getting another project.” The bid was the only one received for the work which the Whiteside County Highway Department oversees. Board member Beau Wetzell said “We are not getting ahead on road issues with the work that has been done,” referring to the quality of the previous work done by the company. The issue was tabled with Piester saying she would attempt to contact the Whiteside County Highway Department to try and get answers about the problems with of the work done last year.

Mayor Becky Piester thanked city workers and volunteers who helped prepare Richmond Park for the annual car show. She said the Park and surrounding area looked “fantastic”.

Lyndon Village Clerk Shanyne DeSmit administers the oath of office to new board member Barry Spencer.

Board Action

Accepted a bid of $2,600 for the village owned vacant lot at 408 7th Ave. E. from Joseph Blair of Huntley, Illinois. In the bid Blair said he owned the adjoining property and plans to keep the lot as a green space. Blair’s bid was the only one received by the village.

Approved the appropriation ordinance for fiscal year 2021-2022.

Approved a monthly increase of $4.99 to upgrade the village website.

Approved an outdoor music permit for Mark Armstrong for a private event on July 3.

Approved a building permit for Donna Lee Kraklow for a lean-to.

Approved public works superintendent John Wright to attend the state water conference from August 9-11 in Springfield.

Approved a $100 increase in the donation price for planks on the historic bridge to $200. The increase was needed to help cover the cost of material and installation of planks.

Approved $600 to purchase additional trees for the village as part of a matching grant.

Department Reports

Village Office Manager – Georgia Schaver

Complimented Missy Ince for her attitude and dedication in learning village office and clerk procedures.

Police Department-Chief Mike Fisk

Presented a resident complaint about standing water on a sidewalk. The Council viewed photos of the issue and agreed to discuss the matter further at the finance committee meeting to determine possible solutions.

Fisk suggested that the current ordinance pertaining to overgrown properties be changed to expedite the process of the village being able to issue a citation or mow the property. Currently once notification is given to the owner 10-14 days can pass before the village can take action. Village attorney Matt Cole said he would draft an amendment to the ordinance and present it at the next village meeting. Fisk said there are approximately 10 properties that are routine violators.

The board’s next meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 13th at 6:00PM.


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