Letter To The Editor: Stop The Spending

Our government cannot keep handing out money to people who can work, but won't because they get $300 a week for staying at home. 
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Submitted by Terry Gaskill

Josh Boak of The Associated Press wrote that President Biden is trying to suspend the Cap on government’s borrowing authority, and the White House ratcheted up pressure on Republicans by warning state and local governments that serve cuts lie ahead if the measure fails in the Senate.

Disaster relief, Medicaid, infrastructure grants, school money and other programs face drastic cuts if the debt limit stays in place, the White House warned in a fact sheet to local governments aimed at putting pressure on Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell who has vowed to block an increase.

The article further stated our national debt is now $28.4 trillion dollars. WE CANNOT KEEP INCREASING THIS DEBT!  Who are we borrowing the money from anyway, China?

I worked at Northwestern Steel & Wire (NWS&W) in Sterling, IL for 30 years and retired in January of 2000. In 1969 when I hired in NWS&W had over 5,000 employees and was the backbone of the economy in Sterling, IL. I worked under P.W. Dillon as a clerk in the Pentagon and he told me once that we have to take care of the people and businesses in the local area and that is why he did not want to have computers run his mills. NWS&W went bankrupt in May of 2001 and was forced to close due to foreign steel coming into our country under cutting our prices for quality steel and rod that we made.  My biggest mistake was not taking a management job since I had a college degree in management.  When P.W. Dillon died things started falling apart such as buying the Texas Steel mill that went bankrupt. The Union voted to go with ESOP shares of stock and the employees had with 51 percent ownership in NWS&W. With 51% ownership in the NWS&W I blame the Local 63 Union for buying the Texas Steel Mill that went bankrupt. I WOULD HAVE NEVER VOTED TO DO THIS!  I was told our Federal Government was giving Foreign Aid to countries under cutting our steel prices and I was told those countries were giving money to their steel companies so they could undercut our steel prices. HOW SAD!

Our government cannot keep handing out money to people who can work, but won’t because they get $300 a week for staying at home. So many companies in Sterling, IL and surrounding areas cannot find enough help so they have to not offer their services; since they do not have enough employees; such as the Kroger Deli Dept. in Sterling, IL.  I can see giving people $300 a week who cannot work and need the money, but don’t give out money to people or businesses that don’t need it! Covid-19 has caused a lot of problems, but I feel we need to help our people first and stop helping countries that can support themselves. IF ALL THE COUNTRIES WE HAVE GIVEN FOREIGN AID TO WOULD PAY US BACK, OUR DEBT WOULD NOT BE AS MUCH AS IT IS TODAY! We are paying billions of dollars each year on our debt interest and THAT HAS TO STOP!

My suggestion is to have government employees who we pay taxes for take a pay cut and have the same benefits as us tax payers paying their salary and benefits. WE CAN’T KEEP INCREASING TAXES ON TAX PAYERS WHO ARE ON A LOW FIXED INCOME!

Lastly, I feel once our debt is paid off then we can give more salary and benefits to our government employees. NWS&W never got any government subsidies like what the electric companies are getting today to keep them going. If they did maybe 5,000 people in the area would still have a job and the economy in the Sterling area would be better.  THINGS HAVE TO CHANGE IN OUR STATE AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AS WE CAN’T KEEP GOING IN DEBT!

If you agree with me, I THANK YOU!  If you don’t please call me 815-535-3665 or reply to this editorial so I read your feelings. Many people are making millions of dollars off our tax payer taxes, HOW SAD!

Terry L Gaskill

Tampico, IL (Birthplace of Pres. Ronald W. Reagan)

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