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Keep On Movin

(l-r) Diane Hull, Vicki Ottens, June Earl, Marilyn Oncken, Diane Jones,

Submitted by Eileen Detra

Eileen Detra instructs an exercise group each Tuesday and Thursday morning at the Prophetstown Park District. The group had been on hiatus util recently.

The workout includes 15 minutes of walking, then a half hour of light aerobics, and concludes with weights.

“It’s a small class but we have fun and keep moving,” says Detra. The star of the class is June Earl from Prophetstown who is ninety-five and has been a regular for many years, and rarely misses. Detra says Earl is a great example of the importance of exercise for the mind, bones and general health. “She is an inspiration for us all,” added the instructor.

Detra is asking those interested in joining the group to contact the park district. “We do have fun while we move!”


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