Home Around Town “I’m Blown Away”, SRO Jim Miller (video)

“I’m Blown Away”, SRO Jim Miller (video)


PLT#3 School Resource Officer Jim Miller was all set to begin his third year of interacting with the students of the school district when a medical condition caused him to have to take a medical leave.

The past few months have been stressful both emotionally and financially for Miller and his family. Once his situation became known to the community various groups both in law enforcement and education stepped up to help in various ways to get Miller through his situation. The results have left the officer staggered by the outpouring of support he has experienced. “I’m blown away,” he said recently.

Among the groups that wanted to help were the 5th grade classes at Tampico Elementary School. Teachers Emily Grady and Erin Sanders began discussing a fundraiser and decided to involve their students to generate ideas. They settled on a school wide carnival that featured nearly twenty-five games and activities that students could enjoy for a small donation.

The event was huge success with donations pouring in from businesses and individuals to be added to the funds raised by the kids. Last Friday the fifth grade class gathered in the school’s music room to present Miller with a check from the event….and what a check it was, $2,220.


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