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Hundreds Of Acres Under Water (video/photos)


Around 11:30 AM last Thursday a section of the east bank on the Winnebago drainage ditch breached and flooded approximately 600 acres of farm land. The breech occurred just south of Osage Road near Deer Grove and just prior to the confluence of the ditch and the Green River.

Doug Wetzell, whose farm sits off Hurd Road, which is north of Osage had to scramble to move equipment to higher ground to avoid the quickly rising water. A few of his building ended up with several feet of standing water in them.

Wetzell said that one of the fields that was covered by water had a good stand of soybeans and was excited to see them doing so well considering all the recent rain.

A neighboring farmer had recently purchased almost 200 acres of farm ground to the north of Wetzell and will in all likelihood not get a chance to plant a crop this year.

Down the road from Wetzell the owners of Prairie Farm Hybrids, a seed corn company, went to extreme measures to keep a newly planted field of their seed corn protected from the flood. A group grabbed front end loaders and trucks and began building a dyke on Hurd Road with sand from a nearby hill. The group constructed the several hundred yard barrier with plastic sheeting and sand. Their efforts paid off as he barrier stopped the water from advancing to the seed corn field.

Hurd and Osage Roads are covered with water and closed just west of Highway 40.


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