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Hummingbirds In A Frenzy (video)


Submitted by Laura Ross

Many people in the area love feeding and watching hummingbirds. Their annual arrival in the area is always a certain sign that summer has arrived.

The colorful, hovering, fast moving entertainers also signal the end of the season as they prepare for their return trip to warmer climates.

Laura Ross, of rural Prophetstown said she has seen a dramatic increase the birds’ feeding activity in the past few weeks.

As long as I can remember, I’ve always fed the birds, squirrels, had flowers etc. But, in all those years I’ve never seen as many hummingbirds at one time in same area until we moved here (Prophetstown), and they ramped up tremendously from just 3 weeks ago. I started out with 2 feeders on the deck, 1 in the window, and then 1 of each off of bedroom windows.
I now have 10? I think…..and we’ll see easily 2-12 at any one time all day everyday.
Just love these lil’ green jewels!

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