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Hooppole To Receive New Brush Truck

A brush truck, similar to the truck on the left, has been purchased for the Hooppole Fire Station.

During their October meeting the Prophetstown Fire Protection District Trustees approved the purchase of truck chassis to be used to construct a new brush truck for the Hooppole station. Brush trucks are are used to battle fire in off-road situations such farm fields and timber. The district approved the purchase of a brush truck skid unit last month, which contains the pump and hoses, and had been searching for a chassis to mount the unit. Trustees had decided it would be more cost-effective to buy the skid unit and chassis separately. The district had approved of budget of approximately $52,000 for the complete unit.  

The chassis, a 2021 Dodge, was purchased from Crowe Auto Group for $31,000. An additional $4,500 was approved for the truck bed to mount the skid unit. The new chassis should arrive in January.

Ambulance Service

Ambulance Administrator’s Report -Julie Pope

  • The service responded to 33 calls in September.
  • COVID-19 has been affecting scheduling due to a positive case and quarantining of some staff.
  • Med checks and vehicle maintenance are now part of daily duties of scheduled staff.
  • The service is in need of drivers.
  • All local medical training and classes are currently on hold due to the pandemic.

Other Business

A part needed for the backup generator at the ESDA building has been purchased and the generator should be installed soon.

Four participants in the first responder class, that was interrupted by the Covid 19 pandemic, are scheduled to complete the course in November.

The committee formed to determine the setup of a new ambulance has met and is still working through ideas.

A new wireless router for the ambulance has been installed.

Board Action

A motion was made and passed to purchase 30 reusable N-100 masks for ambulance crews.

Fire Department

Chief’s Report-Gerald Armstrong

  • Department responded to 15 calls in September.
  • 187 students visited the fire department for Fire Prevention month.
  • The generator from Prophetstown Department’s Squad One has been taken in for repair or replacement depending on the issue.
  • New department photos have been taken and can be ordered.
  • The new thermal imaging cameras for all three departments are now in service.
  • The Chief will be conducting fire inspections at all school district buildings.
  • The cement pad for the new radio tower the Lyndon Department has been poured.
  • The new furnace for the Prophetstown station has been installed.
  • Grant funds were received for the purchase of a new JAWS device. This tool is used to make entry into vehicles involved in crashes. The old equipment will be donated to a department in need.
  • New officers of been elected for the MABAS 30 Division (Mutual Aid Box Alarm System), which provides emergency response from area member departments during a large emergency. The district will also be donating an extra grain bin rescue device to the Clinton, Iowa Department (MABAS Member) which does not have one.

Assistant Chief’s Report-Arian Landheer

Training for the month of October will be defensive driving.

Lyndon Station roof repairs are scheduled to begin soon. Work is being done by Sutton and Son.

No Station Reports were made.

Other Business

Trustee Keith Crady reported that during an insurance review that the department did not have insurance on the new addition in Lyndon nor was the ambulance insured while being housed at the ESDA building. Armstrong said all the information had been given to the insurance company when the Lyndon building was completed. Crady said after speaking with insurance company that apparently paperwork that was submitted to them was never properly filed. Crady also expressed concern that the damage to the Lyndon Department roof, that was caused by a storm during the summer, may not be fully covered as previously thought.

Brief discussion was held concerning handing out treats on Halloween at the district departments. Personnel were advised to follow health department guidelines if handing out treats.

An amendment was made to the bylaws to publish all public notices on AroundPtown.com.

A new computer for the district bookkeeper has arrived and will be put into service soon.

Board Action

The district received a tax check of nearly $9,000 of which Chief Armstrong asked to have half of the money put into the equipment fund to help pay for items that will be needed for the new Hooppole Department brush truck. The additional funds will be put into the firefighter incentive fund.

The next district meeting will be held on Monday, November 9th at 7 PM in Prophetstown.


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