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Hooppole Fun Day Results 2019 (photos)


Submitted by Amber Bohms


Children’s Walking: 1st Caleb, Parker and Elliot Ford, 2nd Emma, Lucas, Dillon, Bradley, Gage and Sophie.

Children with Pets: 1st Violet and Easton Frank, 2nd Kiley and Olivia, 3rd Mikalya Ott.

Children Motorized Units: 1st Thomas Hays, 2nd Lucas Meier, 3rd Alex, Tira and Ike.

Children’s Floats: 1st Shirley Roselieb Grandkids (Karidyn Bohms, Lane, Wyatt and Kenadi Hinrichsen, Hunter Oleson) 2nd Lisa’s Place (Eli and Ethan Brants).

Adults Walking: 1st Hooppole Legion.

Floats and Motorized Units: 1st Tampico 820 Train and Caboose.

Antique Tractors: 1st Buzz Brants, 2nd Skipper Farms, 3rd Gene VanDeVoorde.

Large Animals: 1st Tri City Trail Riders, 2nd Chila Ott, 3rd Brandi York.

Kids Tractor Pull

Age 5:  1st Liam Kelly, 2nd Brinley Brady, 3rd Ethan Frank.

6: 1st Anna Nordstrom, 2nd Adina Pena.

7: 1st Carter Brady, 2nd Keegan Thompson, 3rd Gage Jones.

8: 1st Kaleb Thompson, 2nd Benjamin Pena, 3rd Pierce Gerlach.

9: 1st Jayden Hanson, 2nd Bella Chagala, 3rd Lilly Chagala.

10: 1st Kaylie Hays, 2nd Breanna Nebinger.

Fireman Pool Tournament

1st Dustin Sommers

2nd Terry Sommers

3rd Doug Jones

Rolle Bolle

1st Allison DeBrock, Reggie Adams, JJ DePauw

2nd Ruth DeDecker, Steve Holevet, Roger DeBrock

3rd Nancy Andersen, Dan Chapman, Gary Clayes

Pie Contest

1st Carla Specht (Buyer: Church and Stout Farms)

2nd Karen Wolf (Buyer: Lyle Wolf)

3rd Shirley Roselieb (Buyer: Lisa’s Place)

Kid’s Races

Diaper Derby: 1st Clara Lind

Age 1: 1st Amelia Wirsing, 2nd Asher Norberg, 3rd Rory Gilbraith.

Age 2: 1st Penelope Hemphill, 2nd Kolten Moffitt, 3rd Waylon Monthe.

Age 3: 1st Emma Nordstrom, 2nd Karidyn Bohms, 3rd Rhett Gilbraith.

Age 4: 1st Madison Childs, 2nd Lane Hinrichsen, 3rd Everette Monthe.

Hooppole Royalty

Little Mr. Hooppole: Eli Graves (There were no contestants for Little Miss Hooppole)


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