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High Winds + Downed Trees= NO POWER (photos)


An incredibly long winded storm event hit the Prophetstown area on Monday afternoon around 2:30 leaving wide spread power outages and streets littered with tree limbs.

The storm seemed to increase in veracity after initially delivering 50-60 mph winds. Around 2:45 several stronger wind gusts delivered some devastating blows to large tree limbs and small trees dropping many on power lines.

By 5:00 the final winds and light rained cleared the area leaving behind just one half inch of rain, but with hundreds of homes without power. Estimates on power restoration vary greatly from twelve hours to several days.

As of 9:00 AM Tuesday morning the power outages in Prophetstown are almost exclusively on the west side of town with Main Street acting as the dividing line. The city’s water and sewer plants are running on back up generators as are Winning Wheels and the Allure Care Facility.

The ComEd Outage Map indicated 48% of Whiteside County was still without power. Area towns outages: Prophetstown 58%. Lyndon 91%, Erie 92%, Tampico 5%.

A pickup parked in the camping section of the Prophetstown State Recreation Area had a large limb fall across its hood causing significant damage.

Public works crews were scrambling to erect barricades on multiple streets due to downed trees and power lines just after the storm.

A large portion of the roof on the Lyndon Fire Station was lifted off by the high winds flipping it into the street and causing minor damage to a house. A few fireman were in the building at the time saying they heard a large bang as the roof hit the street. The metal roof was approximately 60 x 20 and miraculously did not take down any of the power lines that run in front of the station. A large radio tower was also knocked over. There were no injuries.

The cleanup continues today with no sign of power restoration crews in town as of 9:00 AM Tuesday.


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