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Financing Approved For Prophetstown Department Expansion


The Prophetstown Fire Protection District received news during its January meting that they have received approval for financing the expansion of the Prophetstown Station. Trustee Keith Crady announced that financing has been approved from Midwest Bank. He will be in contact with the district lawyer to draw up needed documents. The building committee will meet to discuss the next step in the expansion process on Thursday, January 23 at 6 PM.

Board Action

Agreed to move $50,000 from the equipment reserve fund to purchase a CD with Farmers National Bank.

Discussion held on what to do with Lyndon Squad #3 as it is no longer used as a first responder vehicle. It was decided to keep the truck and use it for personnel transport.

Reduced the price being asked for engine # 8 from $25,000 to $20,000. It is being sold through FireTech.

Approved adding three additional air bottles to the refill system at the Prophetstown Department. Cost should be less than $1,000.

Approved fire fighter applicant for Lyndon Department.

Reminder that the district appreciation dinner will be held at Prophet Hills Country Club on Saturday, January 25.

Chief’s Report-Gerald Armstrong

The district responded to 15 calls in December for a total of 223 calls for 2019.

State of Illinois has opened applications for the small equipment grant. The district will apply.

Amboy Fire Department will be hosting a fire school on April 4 and 5.

Last weekend of April the district will conduct a prom disaster drill in conjunction with the high school. The drill is held every four years.

Assistant Chief’s Report-Arian Landheer

District training will be held January 15 the Prophetstown Station.

New training schedule has been published.

Assistant Chief will be attending the Whiteside County 911 meeting this week.

Station Reports:

Hooppole-Capt. Sheldon Miller

Squad #2 updates are completed.

Lyndon- Capt. Thad Bramm

Asked preapproval from the trustees for a new applicant subject to approval by the Lyndon Department.

Computer issues have been resolved.

Christmas party went well.

Completing final set up of recently purchased Engine #6.

Prophetstown-Capt. Trever Richmond

No report

District Updates

New computer software for truck checks and training is continuing to be implemented.

Completing paperwork to certify specific engines at all three departments as first responder vehicles.

Prophetstown station working to complete paperwork for purchase of kitchen refrigerator and freezer.

Ambulance Department

Ambulance Administrator Report-Julie Pope

Department responded on 45 calls in December.


Backup generator for the ESDA building has been delivered and will be connected shortly.

First responder class will begin February 22 at the Prophetstown Station. Class will meet on alternating weekends. There are currently 15 people registered for the class and the application deadline is February 7.

Continuing to remind crews to avoid the intersection of Railroad Street and Washington Streets due to poor visibility.

Scheduling issues have been minimal.

The director will be speaking to high school students about becoming involved in the ambulance program.

District residents who complete the first responder course, will be reimbursed for half of their course cost by working a designated number of shifts per month for the department.

Received a donation of a washer and dryer for laundering items used by the ambulance service from Ron Hansen. They will be installed at the ESDA building shortly.

Board Action

Approved $1,000 from the Memorial Fund to purchase two new breathing bags for the ambulances.

Approved the application of two EMT-basics, Allyson Hanlon and Anna Garcia.

Next district meeting will be Monday, February 10 at 7:00 PM.


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