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Fair Mega Pass Discounted Through August 12th.


Submitted By Todd Mickley

The 149th Annual Whiteside County Fair, which opens the morning of Tuesday, August 13, and runs through the Saturday, August 17, will once again feature discounted ride passes.

MEGA PASS is back again this year and it can be purchased for $50.00 Monday, August 5th through Monday, August 12th.  Once the Fair starts, Mega Pass price increases to $60.00 and needs to be purchased from the Carnival.  This will let you ride any of the Wilson Family Rides when the Carnival is open during the 2019 Whiteside County Fair.

 If you are looking for a good one day deal during the weekday here is another option offered.  For only $25.00 “Wristband Day” gets a rider unlimited rides from 1-5 p.m. on either, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.  For more information about these, or any other fair events, check out the fair’s website at www.whitesidecountyfair.org


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