Erie Middle School Syncs Up Christmas (photos/video)

This tutu wearing bunch of 6th grade boys took first in their division. (ft) Caleb Brown (md l-r) Walker Wright, Noah Berk, Keegan Ryan, Grayson Johnston. (bk l-r) Dawson Pool and Ethan Meier
The annual event saw plenty of participation including a staff member.
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Amy Achs, AP Erie Correspondent

Erie Middle School held its traditional Christmas Lip Sync Battle with over 65 students participating last week. A lot of practice, sweat, and some tears go into these performances, and students did not disappoint.

This year’s student judges were Brayden Morrell, Taylor Robshaw, and Laila Keeling. The 5th and 6th grade top finishers actually both scored perfect 10s, but there is a tiebreaker system in place, which had first place going to Caleb Brown, Walker Wright, Grayson Johnston, Ethan Meier, Noah Berk, Dawson Pool, and Keegan Ryan performing “Party in the USA”. A close second place went to Ava Johnson, Reese Ryan, Lia Milem, Sydney Dornbush, Alyssa Pratt, Peyton Misfeldt, Maddi Weaver, Taytum Jacobs, and Lilly Misfeldt performing “Cruisin for a Bruisin”.

For the 7th & 8th grade portion, first place went to Lauryn Wunderlich, Navonna Lopez, Elley Weidel, Bella Floming, Hailey Ryan, Nevada Wells, Rose Wickes, Makayla Wetzell, Lauren Punke, Jordyn Adams, and Mrs. Jacobs performing “Baby” with Mrs. Jacobs as Justin Bieber. In second place was Cade Huisman and Landon VanDeWostine performing The Happy Hands Club sign language version of “The Rose” from Napoleon Dynamite.

At the end of the performances the 7th grade girls group presented Mrs. Jacobs a gift as she has performed with them each year of the past three lip sync battles and is retiring after this school year.  All of the participating students have a lot to be proud of after a very entertaining afternoon and are looking forward to a great Christmas Break.

First Place Mrs. Jacobs & 8th grade girls (ft l-r)Lauryn Wunderlich, Nevada Wells,  Lexi Kapple, Jordan Adams (bk l-r) Rose Wickes, Makayla Wetzell, Lauryn Punke, Navonna Lopez, Mrs. Jacobs, Elley Weidel, Bella Floming,  Hailey. Ryan, Sarah Carlson
First Place 6th grade boys (ft) Caleb Brown (md l-r) Walker Wright, Noah Berk, Keegan Ryan, Grayson Johnston. (bk l-r) Dawson Pool and Ethan Meier
2nd Place 6th grade girls group. (ft l-r) Reese Ryan, Taytum Jacobs, Lilly Misfeldt, Peyton Misfeldt
(bk l-r) Sydney Dornbush, Alyssa Pratt, Ava Johnson, Maddi Weaver, Lia Milem
8th Grade Girls’ Performance – “Baby”
6th Grade Girls “Cruisin for a Bruisin”
“The Rose” Cade Huisman & Landon VanDeWostine

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