Endorses VanKampen For Treasurer

I strongly encourage all voters to cast a vote for Penny VanKampen as Whiteside County Treasurer.
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Submitted by Darlene F. Hook

When I announced my intent to retire as Whiteside County Treasurer in 2019, I knew I could do so knowing Penny VanKampen would continue operating the office with efficiency and integrity. The Whiteside County Board unanimously voted Penny be appointed as Whiteside County Treasurer effective December 2019, supporting my confidence in her ability to resume the duties of the office. Penny’s 10 years of experience working in the Treasurer’s office has given her the knowledge and competence necessary to continue the efficient operation of the office.

As County Treasurer her duties include the tax cycle which begins with the Township Assessors who turns their books over to the County Assessor. The County Assessor then turns her books over to the County Clerk who then transfers her information over to the County Collector. It is the job of the County Collector to collect those tax dollars, approximately 80 million annually to manage, and then disburse those monies to the taxing bodies in a timely fashion. Maintaining balances and investing the approximately 25 million dollars each month for every County Office is also the responsibility of the County Treasurer. The County Treasurer’s duties and responsibilities are both intricate and monetarily detailed.

All of the above duties have been successfully accomplished by Penny VanKampen. She has proven the office can and will continue to run smoothly under her competent guidance when she is elected. I strongly encourage all voters to cast a vote for Penny VanKampen as Whiteside County Treasurer.

Sincerely, Darlene F Hook

Retired Whiteside County Treasurer (2006-2019)

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