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EMS Donates To Erie Food Pantry

Members of the EMS Student Council present their donation to the Erie Food Pantry. (l-r) Vice President- Lauren Punke, Vice President - Sawyer Copeland, President- Aubrey Huisman, Erie Food Pantry representative- Gerilyn Pritchard

Amy Achs, AP Erie Correspondent

The Erie Middle School Student Council recently held its annual fundraiser for the Erie Food Pantry with astounding results. A record-breaking, never before seen grand total of $5,082.56 was raised for the Pantry.

Lia Milem (l) and Hailey Eyrich work a bake sale.

The generosity of the Erie residents and the surrounding communities was truly amazing. One thing that was different this year is that EMS has started the Panther Mindset program with students in small groups and using the 7 Mindsets program for social emotional learning. Our fundraiser coincided with the 4-week unit “Live to Give” and students really ran with it.

EMS Student Council’s goal every year is for the school to raise $800.00, but this year three grades raised more than that by themselves. Some students went door to door, others asked family members, and still others created items for a bake/craft sale.

Members of the 6th grade show off some of their donation.

The 5th grade raised over $550.00, the 6th grade over $1,450.00, the 7th grade over $2,020.00, and the 8th grade over $830.00. The Student Council donated $76.50 from the boys’ basketball concessions sales, and the student bake/craft sale (held at the same basketball game) raised $146.00. Add in the spare change that was donated, and the total reached over $5,000.00.

The EMS Student Council would like to thank all the students for their diligence and the ECUSD residents and neighboring communities who donated to make this such a successful fundraiser for the Erie Food Pantry. What a blessing to be able to have a chance to give back, and the group is so thankful to be part of such a generous community.


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