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Elect Penny VanKampen


Submitted by Kurt Glazier

This letter is in support of our current Whiteside County Treasurer, Penny VanKampen. 

Penny is by far the best choice for this office.  She has worked for Whiteside County for over 10 years – all in the Treasurer’s office.  When the former County Treasurer announced her retirement in 2019, she was recommended to fill the position and was nominated and appointed to the position with full support from the Whiteside County Board. Penny has been serving as your County Treasurer since December 2019.

She, and her staff of two others, are responsible for 35 different bank accounts, over 20 investments for the county’s money, and over 110 million dollars passed through their office annually. Penny is also responsible for ensuring the annual property tax bills are sent out and for dispersing the monies received to the many taxing bodies in a timely manner. 

Her experience and knowledge make Penny the only choice to be your Whiteside County Treasurer.  Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Penny has operated the Treasurer’s office with utmost efficiency and professionalism.  Look for her name on the ballot as the lower of the two choices.

Please join me in voting for our next Whiteside County Treasurer, Penny VanKampen on November 3rd.

Kurt Glazier, Sterling

Whiteside County Republican Party Chairman


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