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Don’t Close Tampico School


Submitted by Terry L Gaskill

I feel it would be unnecessary to close the Tampico Grade School since it is a new school building with air conditioning, etc.

I feel if the classes are getting smaller we should consider combining grades together and I know that means we my lay off some teachers, but what I have been reading teachers are leaving our school district for higher paying jobs.

I feel a teacher should be getting $40,000 a year starting salary.

I feel if a teacher has enough years he or she should consider retirement to let the younger teachers have a job.  I don’t really understand how the teacher’s pensions are paid and I have been told a teacher does not get Social Security.  So maybe there could be a buyout offer if this would be a savings for the district to have the teacher retire early and he or she could find another job that will earn them Social Security if they want to continue to work to earn Social Security.

I do not have children in school anymore and thank God they all graduated from Tampico High School and are all doing very well with that and continued education.  My oldest granddaughter is a teacher and I’ve been told she is making $40,000 a year as a new teacher as a Spanish Teacher and soon will be getting married on the 21st of June that I am proud to say.

I feel Tampico has much to offer our community with a wonderful Reagan Center (Village Hall) that has a Day Care for those need that kind of service if both parents work and the building has a wonderful gym for indoor activities.  (This building was the old grade school and not used when the new one was built a few years ago.)  We have a wonderful Tampico Recreation Committee that offers a softball program for the children and will even help pay for some of the equipment if the child cannot afford the needed equipment to play.  Tampico has a wonderful community building (at no cost to the tax payers) and offers Senior Games twice a week on Mondays at 1pm and Thursdays at 1pm at no cost to the seniors, but a donation can is put out to help cover the expenses of the Tampico Area Community Building.

Tampico is the proud Birthplace of President Ronald W. Reagan and is open now 7 days a week for educational tours for all ages and children should be accompanied parents and younger adults are welcome to see this wonderful historic place where Pres. Reagan was born and we have people coming to Tampico from all over the world to see this historic place that is open from 10am to 4pm M-S and 1pm-4pm on Sundays.  No charge but donations are accepted.

I consider Tampico a tourist community now with all the people coming to Tampico to see the birthplace and we even will be having a new restaurant soon to open.

Tampico has wonderful Churches with Baptist that has a wonderful talented pastor and family.  St. Mary’s that has a fellowship hall and the church is so beautiful inside and Jack Reagan (Pres. Reagan’s Dad that would attend and take his older Son Neil).  Tampico First Methodist Church is a very active well taken care of church with Ordained Pastor Leanne that is very active in the community and offers Sunday School for all ages on Sunday starting at 9:30am.  This church also offers different programs for the youth including “Lets Feed The Children” on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week at 11:30am to 12:30pm in the Tampico Area Community Building and offers Vacation Bible School each year and does much mission work with the ladies doing sewing on Tuesday morning to help so in need of baby quilts & blankets and also makes school bags that go to missions around the world (anyone is welcome to attend to help sew).

Tampico has a wonderful Fire Department with 24 hours 7 days a week services if fire protection and ambulance services are needed and volunteers are always welcome and will be trained.

Tampico has a wonderful Tampico Lions Club that meets on the 2nd and 4th Monday at 7pm unless there is a holiday close to the 4th Monday and the club will not meet then .  The club is on Summer break July and August and has given help for those in need of glasses, support community efforts, and has sponsored the Tampico Festive Homecoming Parade for many years with $900 in cash prizes that will be Sunday July 21st at 1pm this year.  Early registration is advised by getting a registration form from the Post Office, Kick Back Saloon, or the Reagan Center Village Hall.

Tampico American Legion Post 574 could use some younger members and we have a wonderful Commander John Taets that does so much for the post and puts up hundreds of American small flags on the Veterans graves at three different cemeteries with the help of others and we also perform the Memorial Days Service and Veterans Day Service on November 11th at 11am in Reagan Park each year (weather permitting).

Tampico Area Historic Society that meets on the 4th Tuesday at 7pm in the Tampico Historical Museum on Main Street Tampico.

Tampico has bus transportation provided by the Whiteside County Senior Center if needed for those that cannot drive.

Tampico has a Community Club that meets on the 1st Monday of the month unless this falls on a holiday with President Lorraine Gaskill leading those with food, interesting meeting that has some jokes to begin the meeting, whoopee games to follow that usually concludes by 2pm so the Senior games can begin at the Tampico Area Community Building.

There may be more things going on in Tampico with different clubs and organizations that I left out, but you really have to see our town before you think things need to be close down.

I feel as the town grows there will be more to offer and maybe someday we could have our high school back but for now please do not close our wonderful new grade school that is less than 10 years old.

Please send your comments to me at gaskilltl@gmail.com or PO Box 443, Tampico, IL 61283 or call me on my cell phone at 815-535-3665 after 8am and before 10pm M-S and after 1pm and before 10pm on Sundays as I attend Tampico Methodist Church regularly.

Thank you,

Terry L Gaskill, Pres. of Tampico Area Long Range Planning Committee, Pres. of Tampico Area Community Building (that I host games on Monday’s and Thursday’s with the help of others), Finance Officers of Tampico American Legion Post 574, Coordinator and 2nd Vice President of the Tampico Lions Club, Volunteer at the Birthplace of Pres. Ronald Wilson Reagan, and a very active member of the Tampico First United Methodist Church.


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