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Consolidated Election Results (Unofficial)


Prophetstown Mayor Steve Swanson won another term by handily defeating challenger John Leoni in Tuesday’s consolidated election.

There were very few contested races in the area with some results featuring write-in candidates not yet released.

Larry Dessing narrowly defeated Dale Etheridge for a seat on the Prophetstown city council representing ward #1. Dessing has previously served on the council.

In the race for seats on the Prophetstown Fire Protection District’s Board of Trustees, James Thompson defeated incumbent Ron Hanson and newcomer Jennifer Sleeman gained a seat along with incumbent Nels Carlson.


Prophetstown City Ward #1

Larry Dessing 82 Dale E. Etheridge 68

Prophetstown Mayor

Steve Swanson 212 John Leoni 119

Prophetstown Fire Protection District

Full Term (2)

Nels Carlson 332 Jennifer Sleeman 210 Richard Buell 178

2 Year Unexpired Term

James Thompson 239 Ronald Hanson 207


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