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Congress Comes To The Farm (video)

US Rep. Cheri Bustos talks with a group of farmers about the planting crisis they are currently facing.

A group of Whiteside County farmers met in a machine shed on the Jeff Brooks farm on Thursday afternoon to give an update on the spring planting crisis to Congresswoman Cheri Bustos.

The Whiteside County Farm Bureau arranged the meeting with about a dozen farmers and Illinois State Representative Tony McCombie. While tariffs were mentioned the larger part of the discussion was about the critical state that local farmers have found themselves in with time quickly running out to plant their crops.

Greg Sandrock from The Cornerstone Insurance Agency explained the various options farmers have, but none of the are very appealing at this point also saying the number of No-Plant claims filed is unprecedented.

Along with the inability to the get the crops in the ground some growers are also losing their seed corn acreage as companies are repossessing their seed and looking for other areas to plant it.

The video includes some of the discussion from the meeting and comments from Sandrock and Bustos.


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