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Community Thanksgiving Service (video)


Chelsey Olson-Weech began her ministry at Prophetstown’s First Lutheran Church just over a year ago and quickly became involved in the community. She reached out to several area pastors and built relationships outside of her congregation.

In her first year as sole pastor of a church she has tackled the challenges of the Covid-19 Pandemic head-on producing on-line services, visiting and supporting the residents of Allure and Winning Wheels and supporting, with the help of her congregation, several other community programs, and always seeing the positive attributes of the world around her.

Her recent letter to the community on Aroundptown.com spoke about a place where she sees love and helpfulness all around. “This is a place where we wave to one another, even if you don’t know each other. We are a family. These times are very difficult, and I am praying for you all, but I hope you can see the beauty that me and my husband see every day here. Ptown is brave. Ptown is courageous.  Ptown is beautiful. Ptown is a farming community that I love and I’m so happy to call home.”

Over the past several days she has put together a virtual Community Thanksgiving Service featuring several local pastors and community members.

Enjoy The Community Service


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